“You Have More to Give”

Isabel Pryor



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Isabel Pryor shared her UMass Boston story with the UMass Boston Minute:

"My family’s originally from the Cape Verde Islands. We immigrated in 1975 to Boston. And for me, it was a given that I would attend a university somewhere."

Pryor graduated from UMass Boston in 1995 – the first in her family to complete a college degree. Pryor remembers how much UMass Boston challenged her – particularly professor Morris Lounds.

"He gave me – I think it was a C+. You have to understand I hadn’t had a C+ so for me it was quite shocking. And I recall going and speaking to him after class and saying “well, this is not correct. Can you regrade this?” and he clearly looked at me and said “no!” What he was saying was you aren’t living up to your potential. You have more to give."

Pryor says that even though she wasn’t happy with her grade at the time – she took Lounds’ lesson to heart. Pryor, who worked as a bank teller when she was a student, is now a CEO with Key National Trust in Delaware. She says that UMass Boston pushed her to succeed.

"The academic rigor is at UMass Boston, and if you take the time, get to know your professors, you will find that."