Track Kept Me Here

Genesia Eddins



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Genesia Eddins shared her story for WUMB's UMass Boston Minute.

"I would honestly say it was track that kept me here.:

From 1985 through her graduation in 1988, Genesia Eddins was a relentless force on UMass Boston’s track. The women’s track and field team of the late 80s blew competition out of the water, and produced thirteen All Americans.

"When we would go to these meets, I mean, even though we were Division III, Division I schools, Division II schools, they knew we were a force to be reckoned with. When we would challenge them or be in a competition with them, we would prevail."

The team won four consecutive NCAA titles. Eddins alone earned All-American status in 15 events, and won eight NCAA individual championships. After graduating from UMass Boston, she went on to run for Nike, Adidas and Reebok. And she still holds NCAA championship records in the 800 and the 400-meter.

"A couple of weeks ago, Charlie Titus, the Vice Chancellor, was telling me, 'You know we have this really awesome girl, her name is Hulerie, and you know she's really doing well.' I said, 'I'm so thrilled. I'm so happy, because it's going to put the university back on the map for track and field.' He's like, 'Yeah, she's coming to get your records.' Come and get it!"