The End of a Journey

Crawford Luce



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Dear UMass - thank you for making my college years something to remember, in a mostly positive way.. I met two crazy ex's there, but I made some great friends too. There were, of course, overbearing professors, and then there were the ones who made it worth while to get up in the morning because I looked up to them and what they had to say about life. The cafeteria's food was not incredible, but after being a vegetarian for years, I finally learned that Burger King had a veggie burger that actually tasted okay! Your swimming pool legitimately kept me alive - I got a disease that had I not been swimming nearly everyday before being diagnosed, I would have died - nurses were shocked that I lived almost three months with what I had, when others only would have survived a few weeks, if that, without constant exercise. Thank you for having the campus store where I found some amazing co-workers and got up everyday, struggling in the winter to get there, but not wanting to let them down. That store was crazy, because we had the crazy students who had no idea who their professors were or what there classes were, but I found some awesome books on the shelves that I wouldn't have found otherwise. I lived two hours away from UMass, one way, but I still came as much as I could to classes. When I was sick, I missed 18 out of 24 classes, and still got a 4.0. I made Dean's List four times. And I took a crazy, head breaking class of Greek and Latin with Dean McDermott, but I passed awesomely - and she even remembered who I was when I shook her hand at graduation. I took my full four years with you, and you were my first choice for schools. I am so incredibly happy and grateful to have gone through your doors and to have my criminal justice degree now. Thank you sincerely.