OMG, it’s Robert Redford

Landis Hershey



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It's 1992, June, hot as can be and I'm at my college graduation, finally after 3 years at UMass Amherst and 2.5 at UMass Boston. I am so excited because Robert Redford is speaking, one of my favorite actors! It couldn't have been better! He spoke of the importance of the environment, fitting for me graduating with a Geography degree with a concentration in Environmental Planning. It was a great day which wouldn't if happened for me without the opportunities UMass Boston provided to me to go back to school, finish my degree while working and commuting from Cambridge. The new GIS program in the Geography Department which I participated in helped me with my acceptance into the graduate program of Environmental Planning at the University of Virginia. I completed my Masters and returned to Massachusetts. I'll always remember graduation, Robert Redford, and the joy I felt accepting my degree.