Not a Status Quo School

Tom Menino

Alumni, Friend


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Former Mayor Tom Menino shared his UMass Boston story for WUMB's UMass Boston Minute.

"University of Massachusetts Boston is not a status quo school, it’s a school that wants to go ahead and get better."

Former Boston Mayor Tom Menino graduated from UMass Boston in 1988. When he enrolled in classes, he was already serving as a city councilor, and used his courses in the College of Public and Community Service to better understand the needs of his constituents.

"I used to go to these classes, and try to get something out of each one that I could put into my everyday life: Statistics, health. And then working with my classmates in the class, listening to them what their issues were, networking with them. . . they’re from different backgrounds, different places. You learn from them also."

In his 20 years as mayor of Boston, Menino saw how the university transformed the lives of students, and transformed the neighborhood around it.

"It’s changed a lot of lives. It’s out on the peninsula there, right next to the JFK library, the Ted Kennedy institute, and also you have the Archives of the state all in that little area. When UMass Boston first came there, there was nothing there. Over the years all these things have developed: 50 years of service, 50 years of graduates, 50 years of making a difference."