Learning Could be Thirst Quenching

Gina McCarthy



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Gina McCarthy shared her story at a UMass Boston breakfast in 2014.

"UMass Boston was an amazing experience for me."

Gina McCarthy, UMass Boston graduate, was appointed head of the Environmental Protection Agency in 2013. McCarthy earned her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology in 1976.

"This was the first time I really understood that learning could be incredibly – almost thirst quenching."

As head of the EPA, McCarthy has advocated for policies that to reduce climate change and improve public health.

"I’ve told people I think it was the best education for me because every day you confront people with different opinions. The higher you get up in government, clearly the louder those opinions get and the more is at stake. So your ability to learn and listen and understand what’s important to people can really be the difference between crafting something that just won’t go, and crafting something that’s balanced enough that it’ll make a difference. It’s been a remarkable experience and I honestly attribute most of that to my years at UMass Boston."