From UMass Boston to Medford Mayor

Michael McGlynn



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Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn shared his story for WUMB's UMass Boston Minute.

"When you first went to UMass you just stood there and you said 'wow.'"

Michael McGlynn was one of the first UMass Boston students to attend classes on Columbia Point in 1975 and 1976. McGlynn arranged his schedule so that he could work delivering mail in the afternoons, and often delivered mail to the Massachusetts state house.

"When I had the extra time, I would just sit in the public chamber and see what was happening and where the state was going. As a college student, I wasn’t thrilled with what I saw. By the time I rolled into my senior year, I decided I was going to run for the state legislature."

McGlynn began campaigning while he was still an undergraduate student.

"I graduated in May. It was a close race, I won by 176 votes, and was sworn in that January."

After nearly a decade as a state representative, McGlynn ran for mayor of his hometown of Medford. He was first elected in 1988, and is now the longest-serving mayor in the Commonwealth.

"If you are focused, you can do it – you can accomplish what you want to accomplish. You can change the status quo. For me anyways, this experiment was successful. The campus is going to live on and thrive and do well."