From the Watermark to the Marble Collection

Deanna Elliot



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In 2006 Deanna Elliot was a junior at UMass Amherst, but she wanted a different academic experience.

"And I really thought that as a senior undergrad, the city might offer me more career opportunities or internship opportunities, so I decided to make the domestic exchange from UMass Amherst over to UMass Boston."

Elliot enjoyed her classes, but she thrived as a member of the staff at the Watermark, UMass Boston’s student literary magazine.

"The office was plastered with back copies of the Watermark. The walls were filled with artwork from older editions. There was something so inspiring about seeing those and seeing the finished product."

After graduation, Elliot turned her love of publishing into her career. She founded the Marble Collection, a magazine of the arts for Massachusetts high school students.

"UMass Boston provided me with a foundation for how a literary journal operates. It gave me a chance to hone my entrepreneurial spirit."