Birthday Celebration

Lois Taylor

Current Student


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A memorable moment during my first creative writing class was on April 30th. We started class indoors where I happened to mention that it was my birthday. It was a beautiful spring day and we continued the class outdoors near the campus center bldg. Before the class ended, the teacher, Aaron Devine, asked everyone to sing happy birthday to me. The students were receptive to the idea and sang wonderfully. They sounded so good they could've been the choir if there is one at UMass. I hadn't felt that happy in a very long time. I must mention I'm in my early sixties and the students were wonderful to me during my first semester as a transfer student.

My academic experience has dwindled since then, however, you probably won't believe this, but I'm going to Harvard next fall. Thank goodness undergrads don't have to submit transfer grades. The English 102 teacher gave me a final grade of F and told me my writing is incoherent and disorganized. I disagree. I don't think he understood my analytical writing. But I digress, let me say, as an older student, I feel very comfortable at UMass Boston as I did at UMass Dartmouth. I've already experienced Harvard, an equally good feeling as a student. Happy 50th!